Friday, September 20, 2013

3 Albums, 1 Similar Aim

What do these three albums below have in common? 

Songs From Dorms (2013)

Do They Know It's Christmas (1984)
We Are The World (1985)
All three were produced with the aim of raising funds for a good cause.

Okay, it might be a bit of an audacious comparison, but nevertheless, true. Both "Do They Know It's Christmas" and "We Are The World" were aimed at raising funds for victims of the famine in Ethiopia.

The goal of "Songs From Dorms" is more modest, namely raising funds for the construction of Asrama Rumah Anak Yatim Yayasan Al Jama'eah (RAYYAJ). The dormitory is now 70% complete, but still requires another RM140,000 before it can be completed.

By purchasing the CD, available at, every single sen will go towards the construction of Asrama RAYYAJ.

Please support the cause and purchase "Songs From Dorms".

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"Songs From Dorms" Now on Sale at!

Finally, it's here!

"Songs From Dorms" is officially on sale at  Click on the link to go directly to the page.

Each CD is priced at RM35, but don't be put off by the price; remember that it's for a good cause namely the construction and completion of the hostel for residents of Rumah Anak Yatim Yayasan Jama'eah (RAYYAJ) in Bombalai, Tawau, Sabah. 

There are 10 songs on the CD performed by bands comprised of former boarding school students:
1. Another Verse Another Scar
2. Kubu
3. Boarding School Blues
4. Separuh Hati
5. Gadis Manis
6. If You Gotta Break Another Heart
7. Hati Emas
8. Cinta Hampa
9. Lonely Nights
10. Mama Blues

Your contribution to the fund will benefit hundreds of children, for many years to come.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

New Maybank President & CEO featured on Songs From Dorms

It may be a bit late, but congratulations to Datuk Abdul Farid bin Alias, who was appointed Maybank President and Chief Executive Officer on August 2nd, 2013. Datuk Farid, who went to MRSM Seremban, provided the lead vocals for "Another Verse, Another Scar" performed by Loud & Clear. The song was written by MRSM Kulim alumnus, Rosni Jelani.

The Asrama RAYYAJ team is also very proud that "Songs From Dorms" will be the first official release under the Tune Studios label. Tune Studios CEO, Jeremy Little said it was suitable as the people involved in the album played a part in the eventual development of Tune Studios, long before the idea of building Tune was brought up.

"Songs From Dorms" will be available at soon, so look out for it. Below is the CD and case/cover of the album. Your support is greatly appreciated, especially to the young boys and girls in Sabah who will be boarding in the hostel.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Songs From Dorms album to launch on August 15, 2013!

After much anticipation, the Songs From Dorms album will launch on August 15, 2013.

The album, recorded by bands featuring former boarding school students, is aimed at raising funds for the construction of Asrama RAYYAJ in Tawau, Sabah. Tune Studios CEO, acclaimed music producer Roslan Aziz says that the entire proceeds from the sale of the album will go towards the charity. Preliminary discussions have set the price at RM30 per piece. While some might feel it pricey, the intention is to benefit those who are less fortunate.

Below is a sneak peek at the album cover and inlay.

The recordings took place at Tune Studios at Harbour Place in Klang over a period of several months starting at the end 2011. This was followed by the mixing process to ensure the best product would be showcased. Below are some photos from the recording process, courtesy of Zulkifli Jaafar Sidek, ex-Kuatagh.

Progress Pictures as of June 2013

As at end-June 2013, Asrama RAYYAJ is 85% complete. 

The photos below show the current state of construction with the project expected to be completed by year-end. This would mean that by the beginning of the 2014 school year, the facility will be able to start accepting residents.

Our thanks go to the team at Sabah Credit Corporation for project managing the construction and ensuring that Asrama RAYYAJ will be ready by year-end!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


It started with a phone call from Ajim - to help Hj Ambotola in his quest to raise fund to build a hostel for 80 orphans in Tawau, Sabah so that they don't have to walk for miles or even hours to attend school. And so the Rayyaj net in Semenanjung started to spread - Raja Ali, Hasnan, Noor Esah, Hashim, Ajim, Saiful, Hanita, and finally the whole ANSARA is in it.

Good things spread very fast like wildfire! And the offer of help to spread the words of love for the orphans through the sale of this book is just amazing. But wait! Not so easy. The published date was postponed so many times like a losing football team being stormed by the San Francisco 49ers. Time was just not on our side.

But Arief of PTS publications and his wonderful editor Rashiela persevered until it was safely delivered to author -- today! Wow, I can't fully describe the feelings. I've published children's book before, but this is different. I'd like to say it happened because of Arief and I, but it didn't. It's like a growing fleet of love travelling adrift the South China Sea towards Tawau, growing and growing as it grows closer to the shores of Sabah. It needed time to do so, and it had a mind of its own.

Hj Ambotola once told me that this effort has taught him many new things and found him many new friends; I would add that the feeling doesn't just belong to him. I think for each one of us who has contributed, regardless of whether we feel its big or small, let it be known that your fleet of love has come home to the Rayyaj hostel in Tawau!


Monday, October 17, 2011


To all Bands,

This week, recording has begun with the first band, "Wild Hogs." I was told that it took some time to set up the sound but at the end of the day, things started to run smoothly. But it would take several days to record one song.

As such, the Producer, Roslan Aziz, has requested that all bands book their recording sessions urgently in order to complete it as soon as possible for mixing & eventually producing the "Songs from Dorms" album for the launch on 4th December 2011.

Since weekends are packed, he has advised that all bands practice on weekdays where he can personally listen in & determine if recording can start. Please call his assistant, Miss Veronica (+6013-330 0023) to schedule your practice sessions today!

We expect all recordings by all bands to be completed by 18th November 2011. After that, it is 2 weeks of mixing, burning & printing. The album is targeted to be launched at the ANSARA Dinner night on 4th December 2011.

Please book your sessions at Tune Studios today to ensure your songs are included in the album! Good luck & keep on rockin'!

Saiful Ibrahim
Killerbatch MRSM Kulim
Asrama RAYYAJ "Songs From Dorms"
Committee Member